After finding an inappropriate image of a child through social media, and reporting countless times before the account was removed,  Children's Riot  knew something had to change. Social media is failing our children. Hundreds of social media accounts related to pedophilia, child pornography and  sex trafficking of minors are reported everyday.  Social media refuses to remove these accounts.  Within 3 days of the  first report , a private group of nearly 400 people (primarily mothers) was formed. Children's Riot was born.  Children's Riot achieved the reporting of multiple social media accounts. Within less then a week, accounts totally over 140,00  followers were removed from social media .  Children's Riot realized they have the power to combat the ugliest crime committed against humanity, child rape content and child trafficking. 

Our Mission at Children’s Riot Foundation is to change laws in order to better protect every child from trafficking and exploitation. We need the help from everyone as a united society to hold social media accountable for the trafficking and sexual abuse content that happens on their platforms. We as a team will not rest until we can make a change and stand for every victim. 

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